Two weekend workshops at Hazel Hill Wood
with Caroline Hukins and Daniel Koerner will support your quest to make a difference:


SUSTAINING THE JOURNEY, 17-19 October 2018

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Our vision is to grow a community of change makers that support each other’s journeys, come together at different times of the year, celebrate the path and find nourishment as community and in solitude at the wood. We invite you to become a part of this vision…



Whether you attend just one or both workshops, this powerful two-part programme will take you on a journey of deep personal exploration, supporting you to develop and implement the change you want to make in the world.  Whether you’re starting out on your changemaker journey, or are already on this path and are looking for fresh inspiration, our workshops will support your shift from bright ideas to effective implementation. Developing your internal resources, skills, knowledge and connections, we’ll guide you to translate your passion and vision into  sound, sustainable projects.


Collectively building a powerful support community during the workshops, we’ll enable you to better sustain yourself in your work, and to support others in the same way. You will leave with a peer group who both deeply understand the nature of your journey, and are committed to supporting you on it. Being in community in the woodland with others on a similar path, you’ll discover new inspiration and insights for your projects, recharge your batteries and find  healthier ways to relate to yourself, your colleagues, and to your dreams and ideas for the change you aspire to make in the world.

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This programme offers the rare chance to pause and consciously reflect as you explore the trials and tribulations of being a changemaker with others on the journey. Supported by the group, you will have the chance to connect deeply with your inner truth and passion, and to learn nature-based resilience skills for individual and collective use to nourish and sustain you, so you can keep the fire burning without getting burnt out.


What do you need to crystallise or reconnect with your dream? What is your greatest gift? What change do you wish to create? Are you clear about your audience and your intended impact?

This residential weekend workshop is an ideal opportunity to incubate your dream or idea for the change you want to make, and to consider what your own unique role will be in its realisation. It also marks the beginning of a collective journey, offering the chance to learn more about authentic leadership, group dynamics and how to effectively harvest the creative energy of teams. In getting to know the wood, a group of passionate like-minded people, and our own selves in a new context, we will collectively shape our journey towards change. When we move from dreaming to implementing, what fear and resistance comes up?  Looking internally, we will empower ourselves to be more effective, and to let go of limiting beliefs.  And externally, we will explore how we can enlist wider support, and learn to shift our attitude towards money, from one of scarcity to abundance, empowering us to become effective in raising funds.
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Sustaining the Journey
17th-19th October 2018

What do we need to sustain ourselves on this journey?  If we’re in it for the long haul, what will keep our energy levels up?  How do we respond when the team or context changes? And looking beyond ourselves, what kind of team do we need to build, what partnerships can support our cause, and what legal or financial structures do we need to put in place? Plus how do we deal with any resistance, opposition and red tape challenges we may meet along the way? 

In this second residential weekend, we continue our collective journey in the wood. Given that many projects and enterprises collapse within less than three years, we will uncover useful tools and resources to help us keep going, and replenish our enthusiasm, commitment and creative energy. We will also look at ways to create a strong legacy and ensure that our projects survive our departure. Furthermore, this time together is a chance to better understand the dynamics of building long lasting community and the powerful role celebration can play in the conscious recognition and appreciation of everything we’ve accomplished and learned, supporting us to stay motivated and and to avoid burnout.
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Caroline Hukins

A leading UK coach, facilitator and group leader, Caroline has trained with the Coach Training Institute, Firework Coaching, the Leadership Trust, and the Clore Social Leadership Programme.  She has travelled extensively as a leader of groups on charity challenge events and adventure travel expeditions. Her clients and groups appreciate her clear strategic thinking, empathic listening, and her rare capacity to see every individual’s potential and magic and to draw these qualities out in them.

Caroline has 20 years’ experience in the social sector, as a fundraiser, event organiser and manager of charities large and small (including Macmillan Cancer Support, NSPCC, Action for ME, Royal Forestry Society, The Harbour counselling charity, and most recently Hazel Hill Wood).  She has led teams to deliver services and develop and implement fundraising strategies, raising several millions over the years for different causes, from trusts and lottery, to events and individual donors.  She has also served as a trustee, governor and fundraiser for a wealth of other charities and community groups.


Daniel Koerner

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Daniel is an international coach and project/workshop facilitator, appreciated for his warmth, dynamism and for the depth of care and passion he brings to his work. He teaches and accompanies individuals and groups around the world, guiding them to navigate change processes efficiently and independently, and to grow into their full potential. He draws his inspiration from nature, indigenous traditions and science to support people to become more resilient.

He brings together degrees in Environmental Management and Holistic Science with result-oriented design processes, mindfulness, leadership approaches and social and environmental activism practices (including Art of Hosting, Dragon Dreaming Project Design, Theory U, Sociacracy and Open Space Facilitation). He has worked with a number of NGOs in Austria and co-created an award-winning Sustainable Business Planning course at the University of Life Sciences in Vienna. In the last four years, he has travelled widely in Europe, Africa and Brazil, facilitating workshops and supporting projects working towards positive change.



The two workshops can be either attended as individual events, or as a full two-part journey. The full two-part programme costs £550, or £520 if you sign up by Monday 14 May. The cost for each individual module is £300, or £250 if you sign up by 14 May. For each event the course fee includes all tuition, accommodation, meals and potential materials. Private rooms are available for an additional cost of £25. All meals will be vegetarian. Participants are invited to arrive between 3pm and 4.30pm on the first day of each workshop in time to enjoy the first meal together.
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Please contact Daniel if you would like more information or would like to ask him any questions. or m 07599 774716.