Earlier this summer two of the Wisdom Tree team - Joana Formosinho and Daniel Korner led a 'wildful' walk at dusk on the magical grounds of Dartington Hall in Devon


Joana writes:

The weather was on our side—a warm, bright evening, the beautiful colours of spring flowers almost hyper-real against all shades of green. The Dartington Hall gardens are full to bursting with life at this time, perfect for our nature-focused mindfulness adventure.

We gathered with participants about an hour before sunset, and proceeded to walk the grounds for three hours, leading through a series of exercises designed to expand our vision and hearing, fall into greater awareness of our body and its contact with ground, air, sounds, smiles and and smells, and encounter close-up the magnificent trees that inhabit the grounds.

From evening light to twilight and its dusk chorus, and into the silence of night, we finished the walk in darkness.The moon was half full and provided some illumination but, humans that we are, we needed more; just a little more light, so we could better appreciate the darkness. I stayed behind with participants and Daniel created a path lined by candles which everyone followed to a half-hidden spot in the woods, where we found a tree illuminated with candles.

Together, we sat and reflected on the walk, which had been a silent experience. Some participants sat quietly, others whispered beautiful words into the night: ‘Enchanted”, “Magic”, “Beautiful”, “I sank back into myself”, “So good to slow down and pay attention”, “It was so good to share a deep experience with others in silence”. “Thank you”, a participant said, his eyes wide, gazing at the candle-lit tree. “Thank you so much”.

That is all a facilitator needs—to see the difference in someone’s eyes, to hear it in the words. We look forward to our next adventure.

Joana & Daniel will be at back at Hazel Hill Woodson October 21st-23rdfor a week-end called 'Wild Wisdom in creative action' read more here: