Ever heard of the concept of "Wild Margins?" They might have something to teach us about organisational change. It's a topic that is becoming of increasing interest to me, particularly against the backdrop of whole-systems thinking .

If you're interested in exploring this fascinating area further, there are two workshops being run by Wisdom Tree at Hazel Hill Wood :

 Thursday 15 September: exploring relationships and roles that lie in the wild margins of our awareness.


Thursday 10 November 2016: examining how whole-systems can respond to change and what a 70 acre woodland real-life ecosystem (at Hazel Hill Wood) can teach us about resilience to change.

    Wild Margins in ecology and permaculture describes the parts of an ecosystem that are uncultivated, and where solutions to mainstream crop problems often reside.  Research is under way to source seeds of more resilient strains of common plants from wild margins deemed far more likely to withstand predicted climate change.

So what might does this have to do with organisational change?

As a change agent with many years experience, I've often seen the Wild Margins of our organisations leave huge untapped potential: hidden dynamics often drain an organisation's resources to change or transform because they are unconscious to those driving up the change. And in the 'wild margins', sometimes people, whole teams, or even whole departments are abandoned.

What might happen if we re-focus our attention and become interested in the wild margins? We can tap into human energy, creativity, and inspiration that could be key ingredients to the very change we're seeking.

If you're interested in finding out more about Wild Margins of Organisational Change area or workshops speak to Marcos at Wellspring Change Ltd