By Alan Heeks

I am pleased to announce a new Wisdom Tree weekend workshop at Hazel Hill Wood on October 13-15. The idea for this workshop arose from feedback from several people who attended our 'Nourishing the Front Line' - Taster Day at the wood on June 19. We had similar comments from several people involved with health, care and other public services along these lines:

Many front-line teams have been in a squeeze for years between reducing funds, lower staffing levels, and rising service demands. Many people are already at the stage of burnout, reduced creativity, and there is a clear risk of service failures to clients. This squeeze is likely to continue or even intensify, which makes the future almost unthinkable.

Dare to Imagine Image.jpg

Our new workshop is titled Dare to Imagine: Growing into the Future – exploring super-resilience with Nature’s help. We want to explore the provocative idea that there must be a positive upside to these pressures, and to imagine them as a chance to evolve into even greater levels of resilience.

One of our starting points will be the work of Thomas Berry, the eco-philosopher, whose book ‘The Dream of the Earth,’ urges us to start at the level of myth, prevailing beliefs, to reconnect humanity with nature and a positive vision of change. The dominant myths of our time include belief in technical progress, and in man’s ‘ownership’ of the Earth as an asset to exploit. Surely we can dare to imagine better myths and practical dreams, both as individuals and collectively? This is what Berry calls The New Story.

The group will be guided by Alan Heeks and Jane Sanders. Our exploration will consider these issues both for individuals and for front-line service organisations who face similar pressures. The leaders don’t have answers, but can offer relevant processes and experience gathered over many years. This includes Joanna Macy’s Deep Ecology work, Alan’s research on resilience and future outlooks (see more at and, spiritual ecology and learning from Nature.

Cost including food and accommodation: £150, concessions £125.  Some private bedrooms available at a small premium.  Fri 7pm-Sun 4pm.  For bookings and enquiries please contact Charles Kemp Tel: 07737 892 891 / 01373 462606 E:
For more information on the weekend please click here.