Pioneers of Change

June 6th-8th
Part One: From incubating ideas
to realising your vision

17th-19th October                                                    Part Two: Keeping on and going forth healthily       

Daniel Koerner & Caroline Hukins




































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Re-Visioning Frontline-Services

October 2018 - April 2019 at Hazel Hill Wood
Taster Workshop: Wednesday 12th September
A unique Action Learning Programme intended for leaders and managers in small front- line services: voluntary or public sector organisations, community groups and social enterprises providing support to the public in some way.

The free taster afternoons are a chance to meet the facilitators, hear more about the proposed process and have a conversation about how it could be designed to meet your needs.

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Creative Spirit

June 22-24th at Hazel Hill Wood, near Salisbury

Bringing fresh creative juice to your life and work.
with Alan Heeks and Jilani Cordelia Prescott

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