Growing resilience and wellbeing skills

We offer a series of open day events for front line workers at Hazel Hill Wood, and the unique opportunity to develop a free bespoke day for your organisation.

A series of one day workshops at Hazel Hill Wood for people who work in frontline occupations: e.g. health & socialcare, counsellors,  coaches, youth workers, social workers,  community workers, social entrepreneurs etc. Each day stands alone or you can attend several to deepen your resilience toolkit. These 5 days offer tools to grow capacity for resilience and manage the pressures of your role so you can thrive, rejuvenate and balance work and home life more sustainably.  


Our fast-moving and often screen-dominated lives can erode our natural ability to listen and respond. Listen to what we need to work and live healthily, and respond to challenging and changing situations. Wellbeing and resilience are vital qualities and skills for frontline professions. 

A themed approach

In this series of 5 sessions,  we’re covering themes relating to both the individual, teams and work organisations. We’re drawing from latest research into neuroscience, nature-benefits and resilience, as well as introducing a range of approaches which benefit resilience and wellbeing.

An overview of the programme 2017/18

Wellbeing through nature – 11 September 2017
Tools for resilience & wellbeing inspired by nature
with Alan Heeks and Jane Sanders
How can we stay happily fulfilled in our life and work amidst change and uncertainty, and what can nature teach us aboutresilience to avoid becoming depleted?  We’ll explore our personal sources of inspiration and motivation, offering some distinctive approaches:  e.g.  Alan Heeks’  naturalecosystems model, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, deep ecology and positive psychology, as well as some self-care practices that can be easily incorporated into day-to-day life. Find out more...

Moving through blockages – 19 October 2017
Getting unstuck in personal and professional life
with Kaz White and Marcos Frangos
How can we move through blockages and become more resilient? We’ll look at where we sometimes struggle and get blocked, as individuals and teams, seeking to widen our perspective, our flexibility and range of choices. Drawing from tools including: perceptual positions, family constellations and others, our focus is on providing practical tools to move through blockages more resourcefully. Find out more...

Creating resilient teams – 15 November 2017
Collaborative strategies for wellbeing
With Penny McLellan and Marcos Frangos
How do we create resilient teams when we’re time-pressured, the focus is often on the bottom line, and we’re operating with increasing complexity? We’ll get back to the basics of what makes a team resilient, what does it look and feel like, and how can we learn from research, e.g. Lencioni’s models of teams, links between wellbeing and productivity, neuroscience and nature’s positive impact. There will be a blend of theory, experiential exercises, and time for nourishment in nature. Find out more...

Creativity for renewal – Spring 2018 (date tbc)
Self-expression and creative problem-solving in life and work
With Daniel Koerner and Jane Sanders
How can creativity and curiosity work as antidotes for being in a rut, or a diminished sense of excitement for work or general lack of energy? Through freeing up the mind and challenging habits of thought, we’ll bring a renewed sense of vitality and resilience to life and work. This workshop will draw on a range of toolstodevelop“out-of-the-box”  thinking,  self-confidence and leadership that get our creative juices flowing, as well as drawing from the renewal and inspiration of time in nature. Find out more...

The heart of the matter – Spring 2018 (date tbc)
Joining passion and practicalities
With Alan Heeks and Daniel Koerner
How can we find ways for our work to fully engage both heart and head, for an individual, team, or a whole organisation,  particularly when it’s easy to be ground down by the sheer weight of operational demands? Great results happen when passion and practicalities converge, and this both grows from high resilience, and nourishes it further. We’ll focus on vision, inspiration and heart felt engagement using Hazel Hill Wood’s expansive and inspiring setting to help you clarify a vision, resolve challenges, shape the steps to fulfil it, and see how all this links to wellbeing at work. Find out more...


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