Basic Resilience Skills


These highly participatory groups offer a basic training in key tools for resilience, with a chance for participants to experience and apply them to their own situation. Key tools offered include mindfulness, active listening, reframing difficult situations, self-care, and the power of appreciation.


All participants receive the Wisdom Tree Resilience Toolkit, a Resource List, and tips on how to follow up and sustain what they have learned, including buddy systems. These workshops can be used as stand-alone events, or as tasters, as part of a larger programme.


We have already run several of these workshops, both for staff and managers within single organisations, and open groups for a range of individuals. These have received excellent feedback, and have quickly created an atmosphere where individuals feel safe to explore how these issues affect them, and to apply new skills. A one-day format enables deeper exploration of such issues, a chance to learn and practise a wider range of skills, and to apply them.