Many front-line teams have been in a squeeze for years between reducing funds and staffing levels, and rising service demands. Many such teams are already at the stage of burnout, reduced creativity, and a risk of service failures to clients. This squeeze is likely to continue or even intensify, which makes the future almost unthinkable. The aim of this day is to explore creative, radical responses to this future outlook.

The style of the day will be a collaborative inquiry, with reflective spaces to draw insights and nourishment from the magic of Hazel Hill Wood. The Wisdom Tree facilitators will aim to help each participant to explore fresh responses for their work situation, with help from a variety of processes, and the collective support and wisdom of the group.

Put simply, most front-line service teams are past the point where they can keep on doing yet more with even less: some systemic changes are needed, and this will be the focus of our exploration. For example, this might mean significant changes in the way the work is actually done, or innovative ways to bring more staffing or funding to bear, or having to change and manage client expectations about the service levels which can be delivered.

The day will offer a range of ways to shift perspectives, to ‘dialogue’ with the pressures, and link vision and practicality in exploring positive future scenarios.