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About the day

Many of us have experienced what it feels like to be part of a thriving and resilient team: there’s a buzz; shared goals and achievements; work gets done efficiently, successes are celebrated; the team rises to challenges; it’s fun and the team share openly with a strong sense of mutual trust; we learn and grow through challenges and mistakes; there’s a sense of flow, and so on…
The challenge is how we take those experiences and translate them into practice, especially in times of increased complexity, change and uncertainty at work.

Creating Resilient teams is a workshop for managers, team leaders, coaches, organisational development & HR professionals with an interest in, or responsibility for teams and their resilience.

We’ll explore what makes a team resilient from our own experiences, how we can measure resilience, and we’ll draw from research and various models, including: work by Jenny McEwan, Lencioni’s models of teams, research into the links between wellbeing and productivity, on neuroscience and nature’s positive impact on our brain. Because resilience is so much about balance, there will be a blend of theory and experiential exercises, trying out some team games too, and allowing time for nourishment in the magical setting of Hazel Hill Wood’s 70-acre woodland.


About the Facilitators


Penny McLellan:
is passionate about working with people, with 28 years in Local Authority, initially as a social worker and manager, moving to workforce development as a trainer and manager.  As well as first-hand experience of managing others’ wellbeing and resilience, often in demanding situations, Penny has extensive experience in delivering programmes which integrate W&R with team development, Leadership & Management training and professional supervision in statutory and non-statutory agencies.   Penny brings practical in-depth knowledge and experience of resilience in demanding front-line settings.



Marcos Frangos:
Is passionate about helping people with wellbeing and resilience. After 14 years in local government as a senior manager leading several services, he is now manager at Hazel Hill Wood promoting wellbeing, resilience and sustainability. Marcos delivers wellbeing workshops to a range of participants: front-line staff, social workers, HR, OD and change agents, managers, coaches and therapists. Marcos enjoys working with individuals, teams and whole-organisations, and brings organisational development experience that brings insight into cultural enablers/barriers for wellbeing. His emphasis is on people learning practical resilience techniques, feeling safe and valued.

To find out more contact us: or speak to Daniel Koerner on m 07599774716

About the wood

Hazel Hill is a magical 70-acre wood 7 miles from Salisbury, with a great diversity of wildflowers, trees and fungi, providing a variety of landscapes and habitats. The retreat centre at the wood consists of beautiful off -grid wooden buildings, campfires and beautiful open spaces, offering unique scope for people to deepen their connection with nature and learn about living renewably.

Visit the Hazel Hill homepage and check out other events at the wood.