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About the day

The present is pretty overwhelming, so the future is hard to face. But let’s dare to imagine a positive upside to these pressures, and see them as an invitation to evolve into greater resilience.

This weekend offers a chance for a deep, shared exploration of how to grow into the future, and what super-resilience might mean for us as individuals and groups, with this magical wood adding support and wisdom for our quest. We’ll start by building fellowship in the group, sharing our hopes, fears and resources. Then we’ll explore methods and allies (such as Nature and ancestors) who can guide our exploration.

One of our starting points will be the work of Thomas Berry, the eco-philosopher, whose book ‘The Dream of the Earth,’ urges us to start at the level of myth, prevailing beliefs, to reconnect humanity with nature and a positive vision of change. The dominant myths of our time include belief in technical progress, and in man’s ‘ownership’ of the Earth as an asset to exploit. Surely we can dare to imagine better myths and practical dreams, both as individuals and collectively? This is what Berry calls The New Story.

The weekend is intended as a shared exploration, and we’ll consider these issues both for individuals and for ‘front-line’ service organisations who face similar pressures. The leaders don’t have answers, but can offer relevant processes and experience gathered over many years. This includes Joanna Macy’s Deep Ecology work, Alan’s research on resilience and future outlooks (see more at and, spiritual ecology and learning from Nature.

About the Facilitators


Jane Sanders:

 has over 25 years experience in working with a mindfulness based approach to wellbeing with groups and individuals, and has incorporated deep ecology, ecophsychology and the wisdom of natural systems into her work in many different settings.


Alan Heeks:

has been exploring resilience with people and nature for many years. He has created the Hazel Hill project and has set up scanning our future in 2016.

To find out more please contact Charles Kempr on m 07599774716 or

About the wood

Hazel Hill is a magical 70-acre wood 7 miles from Salisbury, with a great diversity of wildflowers, trees and fungi, providing a variety of landscapes and habitats. The retreat centre at the wood consists of beautiful off -grid wooden buildings, campfires and beautiful open spaces, offering unique scope for people to deepen their connection with nature and learn about living renewably.

Visit the Hazel Hill homepage and check out other events at the wood.