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About the day

Years of shrinking resources and rising client demands mean that many front-line teams find the future outlook unimaginable. This day offers a supportive space and creative processes to face the issues and think well outside the box.  We will explore together how you can approach your challenges and frustrations so as to extract insights and impetus for change, helping you to re-frame your picture of the service you offer, and fully value and use the resources available.
The style of the day will be a collaborative enquiry. We’ll use a range of methods such as future-scoping, back casting and deep ecology to help you seek insights and upsides amid the presenting problems. We will use the magical setting of this 70-acre wood, to provide space and inspiration for you to reflect and open to fresh insights, and as a model of natural resilience and catalytic change. 

Some of the specific topics we may explore are:

  • Learning from best role models of individual and group resilience.

  • Explicitly assessing and raising resilience on four levels: physical health, operational logistics, emotional and inspiration/vision

  • Considering how to manage down client expectations and use service failures as a stimulus to progress.

  • Recognising the difference between ‘reactive resilience’ (mitigation and coping) and super-resilience: building the vitality to meet the pressures actively and creatively.


ABOUT The 'nourishing the frontline' - programme

The 'Nourishing the Frontline' - programme has been funded and developed for frontline organisations in health and social care, counsellors, coaches, youth workers, social workers, community workers whose work is typically characterised by low resources, high demands and a high risk of burnout. The aim is to grow effectiveness and wellbeing in work, for you and your team, through practical skills which nourish your resilience and expand your capacity.

About the Facilitators


has been exploring resilience with people and nature for many years, and has a special interest in front-line teams. He  leads the Seeding our Future -project (see

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Supports individuals and groups to navigate through change processes self-efficiently and independently. He combines mindfulness, leadership approaches and result-oriented design processes to bring innovation and empowerment to teams and organisations.

To find out more contact us: or speak to Daniel Koerner on m 07599774716

About the wood

Hazel Hill is a magical 70-acre wood 7 miles from Salisbury, with a great diversity of wildflowers, trees and fungi, providing a variety of landscapes and habitats. The retreat centre at the wood consists of beautiful off -grid wooden buildings, campfires and beautiful open spaces, offering unique scope for people to deepen their connection with nature and learn about living renewably.

Visit the Hazel Hill homepage and check out other events at the wood.