Growing Wellbeing Networks


Staff wellbeing is a key part of staff engagement, and as we all know, high levels of engagement release better performance - see the Evidence Whitepaper from Engage for Success

Unfortunately it’s all too easy to lose proactive focus on sustaining the wellbeing and resilience of individual members of staff amidst the day-to-day busyness of business and instead focus only on treating staff after they’ve they become unproductive or unwell...

We can help you to:

  •  develop a strategy that uses an internal network of local movers and shakers whose role it will be to create, establish and facilitate a meaningful focus on wellbeing within teams
  • define the wellbeing catalysts/champion name and role for your organisation
  • work with managers and team leaders to establish a culture of wellbeing within their teams
  • develop the awareness and skills needed for both managers and champions to deliver the role effectively
  • nurture their energy and enthusiasm for the role by providing on-going support and practical resources they can use with their teams
  •  review and evaluate the impact of the wellbeing role within teams and the organisation as a whole.