Our approach

Our approach draws on what has helped us and our clients, and grows from well proven methods such as mindfulness, assertiveness, emotional intelligence, NLP, and natural systems. We are good at faciltating supportive space for people to explore issues, gain new skills and insights, and ground them in everyday life and work.

We offer:

A. Resilience programmes for teams and organisations

As each session went on it became clear that participants felt safe enough to open up and discuss personal issues and at the same time be receptive to learning some new tools to manage when things became difficult for whatever reason. We received very positive feedback from participants and hope to work with Alan and Debbie again in the future.
— Lucy Harrison, Communications Development Manager at Certitude.

These programmes have clear benefits for the people involved and the whole organisation: raising effectiveness and wellbeing, reducing stress and absence levels, and improving collboration and conflict handling. We offer a range of programmes including:

  • Nourishing the front line: workshops offering skills and support for staff and managers in work where service and values are a priority and burnout is a risk: such as care provision, community groups and social enterprises. We can offer one day events or ongoing programmes.
  • Change Agents community of practice: ongoing facilitated days to offer support, skills inputs and shared space for learning for anyone leading change in their organisation.
  • Green away Days: these can be tailored to a range of outcomes, such as team building, visioning, raising resilience, using a natural setting to help the process.
  • Resilience Tasters: half-day or one-day workshops introducing basic skills with space to apply them.

B. Resilience programmes for individuals communities

  • Half or one days groups on basic life skills for resilience, offering basic Mindfulness methods and a resilience toolkit
  • 1-2 day retreat groups exploring the deeper roots of resilience e.g learning from natural systems, via mindfulness conflict resolution etc.

C. Open access resources

Networks and tools to embed and sustain habits of resilience and wellbeing.