Resilience Training for individuals and groups

Resilience is the ability to bounce back and progress through high levels of challenge and uncertainty.  Wisdom Tree offer a distinctive approach to this, using the resilience of natural ecosystems as a model, along with such skills as mindfulness and reframing.  We can help teams harness natural energy sources, compost their stress, and learn co-creative skills to handle tricky situations creatively.

Communication Skills

The Wisdom Tree team invite you to put down your smart phone - step away from the computer screen, slow down and rediscover listening    skills and clear ways of communicating authentically.

Days can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. Our fast-moving and screen-dominated lives can erode our natural ability to listen and respond.

Research has shown that being out in nature can help our mentally fatigued brains to 're-set' and recover and so we have found that the woodland setting for these days are a really important ingredient in the trainings

Team Building

In the unique setting of Hazel Hill’s 70-acre woodland, Wisdom Tree offers inspiring approaches to team building using the natural setting to help teams generate new perspectives and deepen relationships.

Team building can integrate a mix of activities from the more physical: e.g. fire lighting, conservation, trust games, to working with our experienced facilitators to help teams focus on their goals, strategy, team or customer dynamics.

Small Group Mentoring

 Small groups (between 4 & 6 people) are a really good size for developing a safe space for recognising and working with the impact of work stress and supporting self-care. Mentoring groups can also be a place to reflect on developing and growing best practice in a safe non-threatening context. Having 'time-out' with colleagues on a deeper level than day-to-day routines is a very important element in strengthening team cohesiveness.'

The Wisdom Tree team offers several different formats:  
•    Seeding best practice, i.e. setting up small groups within organisations with the aim that they carry on as a peer groups (for example 3- 5 groups led by one of us as a starter)
•    Specific incident debriefing -  one of our team working with small groups preferably at Hazel Hill Wood.
•    Ongoing facilitated groups led by one of the Wisdom tree team.


At Wisdom Tree we believe that attentiveness to the natural world and its abundant genius for problem-solving is key to unlocking creativity.

Whether it be to solve a problem at work or to free self-expression, creativity inhabits boundaries, residing where a need meets inspiration.

Through deep nature observation, group and solo work and perception-shifting practices, we guide clients to a space of receptive attention.

We also facilitate processes of creative thinking and harvesting of insights. This work can be designed for individuals or as a means to access the collective intelligence of a group of co-workers.


Leadership Skills

Our approach recognises the complex demands which leaders face, including the need to engage both hearts and minds, giving work teams and stakeholders a sense of dialogue and inclusion, and maintaining personal wellbeing along with performance.

  We explore the inner and outer journey, with our woodland setting providing both fresh insights and renewal.


Wildfulness is a unique experience outdoors, combining the clinically proven benefits of mindfulness with those of nature connection into one practice.

Nourishing, expansive, contemplative and fun: a day of wildfulness can bring inner quiet, clarity and sharpness of thought, an increased ability to deal with stress, as well as insights into relationship with self and other.

We introduce clients to practices of self-care that can be incorporated into day-to-day life, alongside group practices that build trust and improve team-work. Individuals and established groups can gain equally from this experience, which can be adapted to the needs of the group.

Advance Change Management

 Our approach helps teams to link vision, strategy and practicalities, recognising that new skills, understanding, and fresh commitment are needed for teams to embrace change positively and fulfil its potential. 

Project Design

Combining systemic theories, participatory project design tools and proven management methods alongside ancient wisdom and ‘presencing’ exercises, our approach acknowledges the engagement with a changing, dynamic world.

We empower individuals, groups, enterprises and communities to adjust creatively and positively to situations of change and find simple solutions while facing complex challenges.

We integrate practical tools for all stages of a project from the initial vision, to planning, doing and harvesting the learnings and results, for example using back-casting, i.e. envisaging the future outcome and then working out how you got there.

We address body and mind to support the personal growth of people involved and the building of community whilst serving higher principles through developing successful, innovative and meaningful projects.

Open Space

OPEN SPACE is a dynamic meeting format, very suitable for a day of reflection for organisations & collaborative groups.

It was inspired by the perception that the most interesting discussions at meetings are usually the ones that happen in the coffee breaks! 

Its been used all over the world with groups from 5 to 2000.

If your group needs some time out of everyday task orientated routines to reflect on how things are going or dream up next steps this format could be very useful.